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Land and learning with Articulate Storyline

Evoking the land with interactive elearning slides

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Entrepreneurship stories

Animated stories introducing entrepeneurship concepts for Northern native learners

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Hands-on Science

A wild hayride through the science and engineering curricula I have produced for Steamoji Academy and elsewhere. These projects are all entirely original, designed and tested from the ground up. (No Youtube ripoffs here!) I produced the videos, graphics, 3D design and sequencing of material myself.


Ice, Corn and Quajimajatuqangit: tips for eLearning inspired by the North (and South)

When I was asked how I would create curriculum for Indigenous Canadian youth I thought back to my time in rural Mexico.

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Hot water for mother

Fermenting farm waste sounds like a pretty unappealing subject matter. But while covering it, I stumble on the makings of a powerful human story, with humor, tears, bravery and a happy ending.

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Coarse Programmer's guide to Python's stringy bits

Strings should be easy to understand. They're just text, right? In this article I go under the hood of Python's unicode strings, and find out why I keep getting UnicodeEncodeError.