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Coarse Programmers guide to faking new Wagtail rich text entities

How do you create new inline entities in Wagtail's rich text editor if you don't want to learn React?

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Hot water for mother

Fermenting farm waste sounds like a pretty unappealing subject matter. But while covering it, I stumble on the makings of a powerful human story, with humor, tears, bravery and a happy ending.

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Coarse Programmer's guide to Python's stringy bits

Strings should be easy to understand. They're just text, right? In this article I go under the hood of Python's unicode strings, and find out why I keep getting UnicodeEncodeError.

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Coarse Programmer's guide to reactive UIs: Intercooler.js

I don't want a UI that feels like it's from 2003, but I really don't want to fiddle with a javascript framework. Intercooler.js offers a simple and somewhat coarse alternative.

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Coarse Programmer's Guide to Scraping: Know your URLs

Scraping news websites is a research superpower... in the right hands. In the wrong hands you could end up downloading the whole internet.

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Notes, quotes and socks

Do you feel like writing is hard? That your ideas never seem to shine on the paper like they did in your head? It's time to make writing mundane and mindless.