Conrad Fox

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Entrepreneurship stories

May 22, 2024

These videos were intended as introductory teasers for an online entrepreneurship course aimed at Native youth in northern Canada. The course consisted of a series of modules around themes like Entrepreneurial Mindset, Design Thinking, Cooperation and Collaboration and Systems Thinking. The topics were somewhat abstract and it was my job to create little vignettes that demonstrated how the lessons could be applied in conrete, everyday terms. I tried to incorporate my own experiences from living in the north as well as what I know of indigenous worldviews and priorities. At the same time, I wanted to make something extremely simple (to compensate for my total lack of drawing ability) and friendly. I drew on old British animations from my youth, particularly Paddington for inspiration. In preparation, I spent a long time reading abouthow they were made. Each video ends with a mildly irreverent conclusion in a very English style (although still too irreverent for some of my colleagues).

Sadly the client ran out of money for this section of the modules and I never got a chance to complete them.

The confident communicator

The idea for this one came from advice I was given when starting out in journalism. To overcome nerves when interviewing someone, imagine their in their pyjamas.

Alex's jewelry store

I can't remember what the actual topic of the module was for this one, but I wanted to demonstrate how the guts and initiative required to be an entrepreneur can come out of everyday situations. Of course I drew on the Native role of the elder here, but also on memories of my own grandfather, a humble man who was wise without knowing it.

Alice follows a star

The theme of this module was leadership, and the idea I wanted to convey was the importance of having a goal. Even if it's out of reach, it will keep you moving. The images of wilderness here are inspired by my own late nights wandering forests in the Yukon. I never felt nervous or lost as long as I could see the sky.

I'm a journalist, producer, instructional designer and developer. I've reported from a minefield and a dugout canoe, taught radio journalism, robotics, and anthropology in board rooms, lecture halls and mud huts, led award-winning media projects, and mentored dozens of journalists in Canada and Latin America. I run a small media production company specialized in education and the environment called Studio Canek.

Digital storytelling

Working with Conrad brought out the best in me. He's very patient and very professional. He's really passionate about radio and he's always ready to venture into dangerous territory to get information that will make his story clear to his listeners.

Phares Jerome

Editor, Le Nouvelliste, Haiti