Conrad Fox


  • link browser
  • scrape ranges of news websites
  • article categorization
  • entity extraction

Do in-depth research or textual analysis of thousands of news articles. Built with Python using the Scrapy webscraping library and the Spacy Natural Language Processing library, newsicles can scrapes newspaper sites with precision, allowing you to select dates and content without wading through the sites themselves. Ingest thousands of articles in minutes, categorize them automatically, extra key entities, annotate them and finds relations between them.

I'm a journalist, radio producer, project manager, instructor and developer. I've reported from Latin America and the Caribbean and my work has taken me across a minefield, into a gunfight, a dugout canoe and inside the homes of many brave and generous people. I have taught journalism, English, soccer, physics, robotics, anthropology and storytelling in board rooms, classrooms, lecture halls, playing fields and mud huts. I am also a developer, working an several software tools for education and journalism. I divide my time between Mexico and Canada.

Conrad is a reporter's reporter - courageous, compassionate and creative. No easy press conferences for him. Conrad takes on assignments that might scare off others and always delivers. A first-rate storyteller.

Leda Hartman

Public media editor and journalist, USA