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A Wagtail beginner's miscellany #1: replicating a database with fixtures

Replicating your development database on your production server isn't as easy as copy-paste. A bug in Wagtail makes it doubly difficult. Here's a step-by-step guide that worked for me.

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Programming, Journalism, Haiti

The 50 lines of code behind one line of reporting

Pierre loves math. Originally from the countryside in the south of Haiti, he moved to Port-au-Prince so he can study. Here, he lives in a single room he shares with his family, and is paying his way, little by little, through school. I met dozens of people like him who came to the city in search of education. I met govenment officials who said pursuit of education was one of the main reasons this alread

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Hunting for William Hall

In the year of our lord eighteen hundred and fifty seven, a volunteer in the British Navy from Horton, Nova Scotia stood almost alone in a rubble-strewn courtyard in Lucknow, India. Behind him, a force of British troops and ...

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No place for skeptical children in a world of ipads and worksheets

TEACHER: Hurry up! You don't have anything on your worksheet.MY YOUNGEST: (looking glumly at the iPad screen) But none of these facts are any good.TEACHER: That doesn't matter. Just put something down.My poor son. Trained at the dinner table to question and doubt, ...

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Gritty journalism on a shoestring: send some string their way!

Six staff members. 10 freelancers. 14 awards. 50,000 visitors a month. 10,000 facebook followers. 500 hundred original stories a year. And they do it all for an annual budget of $20,000 USD! Lado B is no milquetoast pamphlet for ...

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WhatsApp's new policy could be hazardous to the health

I received a call from an unknown number in Mexico. Before I could say "bueno" a woman's voice belted into my ear: "Oh my god, help me. Help me. He's says he's going to kill me..." There was a ...

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For 15 years, Conrad lived in Mexico, where he worked as a freelance radio and print journalist. His work took him into a minefield, a gunfight, a dugout canoe and the homes of many fascinating, brave and generous people. He is also an avid teacher and has led classes in radio, robotics, soccer, physics and anthropology in a diversity of places, including office towers, lecture halls, fields and palm thatched huts.