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Hunting for William Hall

In the year of our lord eighteen hundred and fifty seven, a volunteer in the British Navy from Horton, Nova Scotia stood almost alone in a rubble-strewn courtyard in Lucknow, India. Behind him, a force of British troops and loyal Indians were pinned down by musket and cannon fire. In front, loomed the thick-walled Shah Najif mosque, now a heavily fortified position of the Indian mutineers. The air was thick with smoke and bullets. All but one of the man’s gun crew were dead or wounded, but he and his companion heaved the gun forward, firing repeatedly in a desparate ...

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Vidas Cruzadas...

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More African and Asian Migrants Are Arriving in Mexico After Long Latin American Journeys

Sitting in a small cafe in the southern Mexican city of Tapachula, Gorjit recalled the harrowing experiences that led him there as he outlined his hopes and fears for the future.

The young man with chiseled features said he left his home in northern India after political strife took the life of his father and uncle. He sold his house and escaped first to Qatar, then to Brazil and on to Argentina where he worked for six months. Then he headed north with one destination in mind.

"Some guys told me there is a better life in the United ...

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For 15 years, Conrad lived in Mexico, where he worked as a freelance radio and print journalist. His work took him into a minefield, a gunfight, a dugout canoe and the homes of many fascinating, brave and generous people. He is also an avid teacher and has led classes in radio, robotics, soccer, physics and anthropology in a diversity of places, including office towers, lecture halls, fields and palm thatched huts.