Conrad Fox



Halifax Academy

I run a small English learning academy, emphasizing real-life English and learning through practice. At the beginning of Covid I converted the many lessons and games I had developed to an online format, and continue teaching this way.



ESL online courses

I create stimulating interactive learning modules for my ESL students, using a Learning Management System I built myself. Check out this free module on phrasal verbs.



Thinking in English

Students discuss their passion in a one-on-one class, learning new phrases and refining their grammar as they use English to talk about what they are really interested in. Check out this conversation about Daft Punk.



Radioaction / Radioacción

A dynamic, exciting introduction to radio documentary production for journalists, podcasters and anyone interested in telling a story with sound and voice. I offer the workshop in Spanish and English.


Robot Dojo

I founded and ran a robotics academy for children, emphasizing creative, artistic or unusual uses of robots and programming

soccer club

Silly Soccer

I founded and coached a community soccer club in Canada. We specialized in making athletics accessible to all children, and helping immigrant children intergrate into their neighbourhood.

I'm a journalist, radio producer, project manager, instructor and developer. I've reported from Latin America and the Caribbean and my work has taken me across a minefield, into a gunfight, a dugout canoe and inside the homes of many brave and generous people. I have taught journalism, English, soccer, physics, robotics, anthropology and storytelling in board rooms, classrooms, lecture halls, playing fields and mud huts. I am also a developer, working an several software tools for education and journalism. I divide my time between Mexico and Canada.

Working with Conrad brought out the best in me. He's very patient and very professional. He's really passionate about radio and he's always ready to venture into dangerous territory to get information that will make his story clear to his listeners.

Phares Jerome

Editor, Le Nouvelliste, Haiti