Conrad Fox

journalism, programming, soccer and robotics

first published in Vidas Cruzadas on Aug. 21, 2008

Missing the Train


All looks well for Filiberto, as he rides the rails to the US. A seasoned traveller of this perilous route, he is accompanied for the first time by his daughter. All looks well as they take a rest stop in Orizaba, Mexico, sharing food and laughter with other migrants, united by the dangers they face, including hunger, Mexican authorities and falling from the train. Soon, a whistle blows and it is time to be moving again. Can Filiberto and his daugher keep up, as a crowd of migrants races for the speeding wagons?

Winner of 2007 NY Festivals Award


For 15 years, Conrad lived in Mexico, where he worked as a freelance radio and print journalist. His work took him into a minefield, a gunfight, a dugout canoe and the homes of many fascinating, brave and generous people. He is also an avid teacher and has led classes in radio, robotics, soccer, physics and anthropology in a diversity of places, including office towers, lecture halls, fields and palm thatched huts.