Conrad Fox

first published in PRX on March 30, 2019

Haitian cities creak with the pressure as more people flee the countryside

In twenty years, Haiti has transformed from a predominantly rural country to one of the most urbanized on the continent. This has helped reduce extreme poverty, but it has put a strain on the infrastructure of Port-au-Prince, where most migrants end up. The movement is unsustainable, say experts, but unlikely to reverse any time soon. Despite pollution, traffic and crime, the newcomers say the city hold out something the country can never do: hope.


Script editor: Leda Hartman

Sound mixing: Tina Tobey Mack

Hello. I'm a journalist, radio producer and teacher. I've worked in Latin America and the Caribbean for most of my career. My work has taken me across a minefield, into a gunfight, paddling a dugout canoe and inside the homes of many brave and generous people. I have also produced several major international reporting projects where a large part of my job was recruiting and mentoring local reporters. I love teaching, and besides journalism, I have taught soccer, robotics, anthropology and English.


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What they say

Working with Conrad brought out the best in me. He's very patient and very professional. He's really passionate about radio and he's always ready to venture into dangerous territory to get information that will make his story clear to his listeners.

Phares Jerome

Editor, Le Nouvelliste, Haiti