Conrad Fox


  • link browser
  • scrape ranges of news websites
  • article categorization
  • entity extraction

Do in-depth research or textual analysis of thousands of news articles. Built with Python using the Scrapy webscraping library and the Spacy Natural Language Processing library, newsicles can scrapes newspaper sites with precision, allowing you to select dates and content without wading through the sites themselves. Ingest thousands of articles in minutes, categorize them automatically, extra key entities, annotate them and finds relations between them.

I'm a journalist, producer, instructor and developer. I've reported from a minefield and a dugout canoe, taught radio journalism, robotics, and anthropology in board rooms, lecture halls and mud huts, led award-winning media projects, and mentored dozens of journalists in Canada and Latin America. Today, I write about climate change and develop an app to learn English while you run.

Digital storytelling

Working with Conrad brought out the best in me. He's very patient and very professional. He's really passionate about radio and he's always ready to venture into dangerous territory to get information that will make his story clear to his listeners.

Phares Jerome

Editor, Le Nouvelliste, Haiti