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Haiti Untold

A two-year project to cover little known aspects of inequality in Haiti. I recruited and mentored 8 Haitian journalists, helped produce 18 stories for Haitian media, reported 3 stories myself and even edited a 7-part radio series in Haitian Creole.

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Land + Sea

A Mexican and a US reporter cover two controversial projects in Baja California, in which US investments compete with locals for space.

Missing the Train

Filiberto is a seasoned traveller of the rails and the younger migrants look up to him, like a mentor. This time he is travelling with his 17 year old daughter, and though he laughs with the other migrants, he always has one watchful eye out …

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Immigration Uncovered

Immigration is not just a stream of migrants from south to north. It's the stories on the way. I led an international team of reporters to find those stories, which won a Peabody award in the process.


More African and Asian Migrants Are Arriving in Mexico After Long Latin American Journeys

It's a migration route that stretches for 1000s of kilometers, involves multiple traffickers, crosses more than a dozen borders and takes months, if not years. In this story, I visit a Mexican border outpost just days from the finish line, where anxious migrants are preparing for the final push, or preparing to settle down where they.


New Roots Radio

I led a multicultural team of young volunteer reporters from across Canada to take an up close look at immigrant life. The show followed an hour long newsmagazine format, including features stories, in-studio interviews and documentaries. It won an Honorable Mention in the National Community …


Crossing a minefield

Three thousand villagers in the mountains of Nariño, southern Mexico, are surrounded by landmines. The explosives were set by ELN rebels after they were attacked by the Colombian army, and have already taken the lives of several residents. Tragically, the villagers, rebels and local authorities …

The Caliphate of San Cristobal de las Casas

Muslim missionaries build a utopia among the displaced indigenous of southern Mexico. Their commune looks idyllic, and members say they are content, but neighbours look on with distrust, and this trip inside suggests the missionaries intentions are not all they say.


A Night on the Barricades

In the summer of 2007, the city of Oaxaca was insurrection. A striking teachers union, joined by hundreds of disaffected NGOs, indigenous groups and other protestors ruled the streets, with barricades of burnt out vehicles at every street corner. The state government was in hiding …

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