Conrad Fox


  • AI Transcription
  • Clip extraction
  • Drag and drop script writing

Radio field work is fun, but writing the script can be pretty tedious. Transcribe, or at least log your audio. Read through it and identify the best clips. Try and figure out which clips go where. Write your script around it. Go back to your log and to find the time codes. Go back to the audio and extract it, hoping you logged it correctly. Discover you missed something... Repeat.

Gloss streamlines this process in one drag and drop interface. Upload your audio. Let the AI transcribe it. Mark your clips. Drag them into your outline. Add voice tracks. Press a button and done.

Gloss is in Beta. I'm testing it on a multi-episode story of escaping a killer in rural Mexico. If you want to test it on your project, please get in touch:

I'm a journalist, radio producer, project manager, instructor and developer. I've reported from Latin America and the Caribbean and my work has taken me across a minefield, into a gunfight, a dugout canoe and inside the homes of many brave and generous people. I have taught journalism, English, soccer, physics, robotics, anthropology and storytelling in board rooms, classrooms, lecture halls, playing fields and mud huts. I am also a developer, working an several software tools for education and journalism. I divide my time between Mexico and Canada.

Conrad is a reporter's reporter - courageous, compassionate and creative. No easy press conferences for him. Conrad takes on assignments that might scare off others and always delivers. A first-rate storyteller.

Leda Hartman

Public media editor and journalist, USA