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RadioAction is an exciting introduction to radio documentary production for journalists, podcasters and anyone interested in telling a story with sound and voice. The course walks participants through the process of developing a story idea, identifying characters and locations, interviewing subjects with empathy and an ear for good audio, script writing and audio editing. There is an emphasis on the elements of a good story, how to extract a story from the flattest of subject matter, and how to transport a listener with ambient sound. Techniques are learnt hands-on, and real life situations simulated through through games and adventure role playing.

The course can be taught in Spanish and English. I am currently adapting it for use online. You can find demo lessons here:

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I'm a journalist, producer, instructor and developer. I've reported from a minefield and a dugout canoe, taught radio journalism, robotics, and anthropology in board rooms, lecture halls and mud huts, led award-winning media projects, and mentored dozens of journalists in Canada and Latin America. Today, I write about climate change and develop an app to learn English while you run.

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Conrad Fox is one of the best editors I've ever worked with. His professionalism, his journalistic sensibility and his skill at teaching enrich the editor-reporter experience

Mely Arellano

Founder / Editor Lado B magazine, Mexico