"Man, sure wish I shooting over there right now"

That was a tweet from a young would-be photojournalist in Halifax as political protests in Egypt were rocking Tarir square. I guess I understand the sentiment, but the insularity behind it concerned me, as if, among the many things Egypt lacked at that moment, were talented photographers of its own. And as if Halifax did not have stories worth reporting. I made this video to encourage all those who wished they were globetrotting journalists to take a look around them. I don't know if it's convincing, or even well made, but it was a fun experiment in animation techniques...


For 15 years, Conrad lived in Mexico, where he worked as a freelance radio and print journalist. His work took him into a minefield, a gunfight, a dugout canoe and the homes of many fascinating, brave and generous people. He is also an avid teacher and has led classes in radio, robotics, soccer, physics and anthropology in a diversity of places, including office towers, lecture halls, fields and palm thatched huts.