Conrad Fox


New Roots Radio

Oct. 17, 2012

I led a multicultural team of young volunteer reporters from across Canada to take an up close look at immigrant life. The show followed an hour long newsmagazine format, including features stories, in-studio interviews and documentaries. It won an Honorable Mention in the National Community Radio Awards.

Unfortunately, the audio archives are lost, so I can't put a sample here.

I'm a journalist, producer, instructor and developer. I've reported from a minefield and a dugout canoe, taught radio journalism, robotics, and anthropology in board rooms, lecture halls and mud huts, led award-winning media projects, and mentored dozens of journalists in Canada and Latin America. Today, I write about climate change and develop an app to learn English while you run.

Digital storytelling

(Conrad's) vision, his journalistic nose, and his tireless search to go one more step for the new, helped us find really impactful stories...

Manuel Ureste

Journalist and co-author of La Estafa Maestra, Animal Politico, Mexico