drag and drop writing tool for reporters and researchers






What is Gloss?

Gloss is a tool for writers who work with audio interviews. Gloss will transcribe your interviews using an online AI service, or let you transcribe by hand swiftly and accurately, inserting timestamps and speaker names without slowing down. Mark the passages of interest as you transcribe, and annotate your clips. Because Gloss knows where to find every word in the recording, you can play back the original audio right from the note.

Searchable, sortable notes

When you're finished transcribing and annotating, Gloss will store your notes for easy access, sortable and searchable. You can drag and drop them into a logically ordered project outline or create exploratory groupings in the sandbox. From there, it's a quick step to inserting your own commentary. For radio reporters, that outline becomes a script. One more button click, and Gloss will prepare your audio clips for downloading and mixing. Researchers can tag and categorize notes for analysis, or search for themes and relationships in a mind map.

Me want

Gloss isn't quite ready to show to the world. Just another few weeks. If you want to be notified when it's done, send us your email address. (We won't share it).

If you want more info or are interested in participating in our limited beta test, write to the author.