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Journalist's assailant shot

May 27, 2015

The NGO Article 19 says that every 10.5 hours, a Mexican journalist is attacked. It is easy to think of this supression of free speech as a vast Orwellian plot. In fact, most of it occurs at a local level, the work of small-town power brokers and small-town fueding. Here is a recent story from the village of Estacion la Trinidad, Guanajuato that illustrates this. It was reported in La Jornada:

The man who attacked journalist Karla Janeth Silva last year was shot in the neck on Friday by an unnamed gunman, the state prosecutor's office reported. Luis Gerardo Hernandez survived the attack and is currently in hospital. Hernandez was imprisoned last year after confessing that the mayor of the town of Silao, Enrique Solis, ordered him to beat up the reporter of El Heraldo newspaper, so that she would "leave off her f---ing stories." He was released in January. Three other men involved in the beating are also currently free. The prosecutor has not ruled out the possibility that the shooting of Gerardo Hernandez is related to the attack on the reporter.

Original story: La Jornada


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