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Health workers to go on a diet in Coahuila state

June 12, 2015

Vanguardia reports that employees of the Mexican Institute of Social Security in the state of Coahuila will be "submitted to a rigorous diet" as part of a program to combat obesity. The institute runs Mexico's public hospitals and health clincs.

A union spokeperson said that all employees of the institute -- which runs Mexico's public hospitals and clinics -- will have to take part. The mandated diet is part of an as-yet unnamed program to rid the state of it's image as overweight and prone to cardiovascular disease.

"As a health institution, it's important to preach by example, so we've told employees of all categories they will have to take part in this program to give a healthy image to give the community in general," said Rosa Muñoz Vázquez.

She said there would be no sanctions for employees who failed to lose weight. An estimated 1,700 employees will be enrolled in the program, which may also include a 30 minute recess for exercise in the place of work.

Source (in Spanish): Vanguardia

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