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Como quitar el agitador de una lavadora LG

Perdon por los errores tipográficos. No suelo escribir en español. Sin embargo, decidí escribir este articulo en español porque el modelo de lavadora de que se trata es mas comun en latinoamérica, y es mas probable que sea utíl para hispanohablantes.Una moneda quedó …


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Hello. I'm a journalist, radio producer and teacher. I've worked in Latin America and the Caribbean for most of my career. My work has taken me across a minefield, into a gunfight, paddling a dugout canoe and inside the homes of many brave and generous people. I have also produced several major international reporting projects where a large part of my job was recruiting and mentoring local reporters. I love teaching, and besides journalism, I have taught soccer, robotics, anthropology and English.


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Conrad is a reporter's reporter - courageous, compassionate and creative. No easy press conferences for him. Conrad takes on assignments that might scare off others and always delivers. A first-rate storyteller.

Leda Hartman

Public media editor and journalist, USA